Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ted the Rabbit!

Through working from other artists concepts I thought working from one of Tony DiTerlizzi's would be fun then I saw Ted and thought he was such a unique character and especially different from ones I've made prior. He's been really fun to make. I'm glad I took on the endeavor and got the result! I'm excited to make more for my updated portfolio!

Tony DiTerlizzi's Ted

Modeled in Maya - Sculpted in Zbrush - Textured in Mari - Maya Mental Ray rendering

Thanks for visiting and enjoy! Happy Creating and have a happy new year! 

Mari's patch system makes it easy to texture multiple items on a model at once, just by offsetting the UV coordinate. Back in Maya I had 6 different shaders: 
Body/Head - Jacket - Hat - Bow - Belly Button - Buttons

Some in progress shots: 
The dreaded T pose ;o)

 Base Textures


More Mari Texturing

Look development

 And posed! 
Well almost, a friend pointed out he needed more weight where he was sitting, so there's the smidgeon of a difference from this to the finals above.

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