Thursday, May 26, 2011


Greetings travelers of the interweb, I am still traveling as well. Reviving my blog after a long time of no posts, time has gone through a vortex and in four more months I graduate! Time for the leap into the industry soon!

Recently I started taking a class through FXphd for the program Mari by The Foundry. It's real wonderful, definitely the dream program I wanted! It mixes painting in photoshop with painting right on the model as well as the ability to paint on the UVs as well.
Respective Links:
FX phd
The Foundry

I painted one of my critters in the program and it made the workflow real nice.

I call him a Frogasaur!

I have been working with Maya to create a post-apocalyptic robot, but what my team and I thought to do instead of an android is a group of robots who are just making it by on an abandoned planet, most likely earth, on salvaged parts. Since mine was the large land robot the salvaged body is a train amongst other parts. I am in the process of texturing.

I also have breakdowns from the bridge I was working on many posts ago. It was for the short film Twelve, written and directed by  Jud Pratt and produced by students in the Visual Effects department of AiP. Congrats to them on a job well done!

Another freelance piece was a pool table, which at first I thought was just a standard one to find out it was a beautiful baroque pool table.
Pool Table Turn around Render

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