Friday, August 12, 2011

SIGGRAPH finalle

 Well here I am sitting at the Vancouver train station waiting to go home. It has been a wonderful absolutely brilliant week. SIGGRAPH is just amazing! So many people to meet, talk to, things to see and learn and the city of Vancouver is beautiful! I see why they say it feels like family there, everyone loves their work and will talk about it giving you tons of advice as well as sparking new connections. Its such a like minded community, being engrossed in improving the world of technology and graphics as well of course as the film and games industry.

Once I'm on the train I'll have a post of all of the professional tips for landing a job. I got a chance to talk to Disney, The Foundry and Sony Imageworks personally which was really nice and I thank them all for their wonderful kindness and time. The summation of it is you have to be where the work is which means in four more weeks I'll be in LA, since at the moment I cant go out of the country just being a graduating student.

Overall I had really positive responses from my reel, just to make specific ones on top of it, for texturing and modeling. My updated reel link is Reel: Brittany Drew