Monday, September 5, 2011


Well this is coming fast, after the end of this week I'll be done with classes and setting up for portfolio review the next! I'm excited and still in disbelief. Soon after, but definitely by the end of September I'll be making the big move out to LA! Hopefully that fares well for the job search.

Once things calm down I'll add all of the SIGGRAPH info I mentioned in my last post. There was no wifi on the train and we arrived home a day later so it was definitely cause for catch up!

For now I wanted to share some of the work I've been making.

I found out about the Mari Texture contest a few days after the deadline when I picked up a copy of 3D world magazine. At the time I had not known how to use Mari, but soon after I picked it up. So now trying to make some more realistic pieces I decided to try my hand at this guy. The model was provided for the contest and it was unwrapped as well. The winners are beautiful and I admire them so! I hope this turns out at least near as nice!

Contest Winner

Cheers! =)