Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and that this year will be awesome!
Here are some links, sketches and illustrations!

I'm hoping the new year means some great news on my end especially in the area of work! ;o) A new reel is in progress with a bunch of new models, including Ted and the Warthog stead. I'll be making particular ones for modeling and texturing.

So it turns out there are a ton of great drawing events to go to in LA. A lot more than I realized!

The drawing club every thursday, 7-10. Looks like great fun!
The Drawing Club

There's the Sketch Crawl every 2-3 months, where people get together and draw for a day. The next one is Jan 21
The World Wide Sketch Crawl
See where one is in your city!

The Drink and Draw Club

The Gallery Girls + Sketch Theater
They've been the group that have done the Gnomen Life Drawing nights + many others, though I've only been to the Gnomen's.

A friend of mine shared this video with me, great tips on gesture drawing
Gesture Drawing

Stumbled on his awesome work!
2D Bean
He also made a great character generator, gives a few descriptive to base an idea on then draw away!
character generator

Saw this recently some astounding photos of a factory, a missle factory at that! Great for some Sci-fi concepts.
Rocket Factory Photos

Some creature ref, adorable sloths!!
Too cute! Sloths

Some new sketches: ( I thought I figured out a way to capture sketches without taking them out of my book through taking photos, but alas it gives grey values on some of them so back to scanning it is!)

Concepting objects = potions + pottery

Random Characters

Creatures and Dinos, I love dinosaurs, always have since I was little <3

Life Drawings from the Drink and Draw Night

Concepts for my story, Keepers of Time (keep your eyes peeled)


 Rhino horse that I never posted

Owls as practice! <3

Drew my cousin as a character. =)

Katie Cole performed at the Drink and Draw night so I doodled her while she was performing then colored it later. 

 Lizard beast

Drawings from Decembers Gnomen Life drawing night

Wizard Moon


  1. Thank you very much!! I appreciate it! They were fun to make! =D