Monday, June 10, 2013

Updated Reel - June 2013

Hiya everyone!

Here's my newest update of my reel, it includes the newest shots released from Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters trailer. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters trailer #2!

Holy crap! They released another trailer for Percy Jackson and this time they show the hero creature I worked on (only a sneak peak at it so far ;o) but it's there!)

The hero creature the Garburator is at 1:58 and the bull interior shot at the end at 2:11!!!!!!!

Enjoy and congrats to all the hard work from Rhythm!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Recent updates - Rhythm & Hues Bankruptcy + New reel

The past few months were rather eventful, and a huge roller coaster ride.

Rhythm and Hues went into bankruptcy and had to downsize the staff considerably, going from around 500+ to 150 people.

That being said I'm sad to say I am not with the studio anymore. Near the Percy and Seventh Son's production they couldn't afford to keep the freelancers any longer. I am really grateful for my time there, working with everyone was awesome and so too was the work we did. I learned and grew so much as an artist from it as well. I miss the Rhythm and Hues family, and am sad to think it wont be the same as it was. I hope the best for all of us in the job hunt! Here's to the next thing!

 A portion of the texture paint team, there was so many of us when I began! I need to make an additional extension with everyone else I had the pleasure to work with in the texture department. =)

I'm looking for new opportunities in modeling and texture paint/surfacing. So I just finished my personal reel.

Reel: April 2013

Hopefully the visual effects model gets changed for the better and secures our artists livelyhood. Without us movies wouldnt be made as awesome as they are today! ;o)

All the best,

Sunday, January 27, 2013


In my side time I've been helping two awesome artists with their world called Kolonie, with a small but growing group we've been making a lot of cool stuff.
Kolonie is by Patrick Hannenberger and Christian Shellewald, a world full of awesome landscapes, inhabitants and culture. (you can buy a book full of their concepts!)

Eventually I can share some work from it, but I wanted to share a lovely post written by my friend Stephanie Stine!! She's joining our team as our storyboard artist and wrote up her impression of the meeting we recently had, sharing some photos from it as well.

Kolonie Team Meeting

Ps: She's awesome and looking for storyboard/ story art positions! ;o)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Now a full Texture Painter @ Rhythm & Hues!! (not a junior anymore) + a bunch of art

Man, it's been a bit, I was doing a post about a week until things became a bit too busy! Sorry if you were looking for updates! Here's a quick one, but substantial!

Life at Rhythm and Hues has been lots of fun, I've helped with four shows so far, Seventh Son, Percy Jackson and the Sea Monsters, a little on RIPD, and a good chunk on Category Six. It's been great to be exposed to a wide range of projects and the pieces required for them, and approaches for each asset. I'm super thankful it's been awesome!

I also have big news from R&H, I've been promoted to a Texture Painter, no more Junior painter for me!! It was wonderful news to get, along with that my contract was extended!!

A had a bit of overtime for a bit leaving not too much extra time for my own work, it's slowed down again, so back to my own after work! =)

Comic Con was tons of fun, so much art and things to see, I'll be there next year also!

 Keep creating everyone! I hope your New Year is awesome and all your dreams come true!!

Here was the final render of the dragon that I made for Todd Lockwood who I helped at his booth, my final plan is to 3D print it, but it's being rather a tricky model to get printed.... 

When I get bits of time to actually illustrate it's fun and I love it, here's a few I've done recently.

After seeing Wreck it Ralph, I saw a chain of other friends creating Sugar Rush versions of them self, so here's mine, Birdy Berry Drew! 

A very Merry Belated Christmas to all, and Happy New Year!! This was this years card. 

 The rest are sketches that I've shared on instagram and the such, but I want to share here as well.

Some are concepts for Keepers of Time, others are life drawing from the weekly lunch life drawing at Rhythm, and a few are from drawing people at the airport!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dragon Sculpture

I've been working on this dragon as a gift for a wonderful artist friend. I'm rigging it at the moment to get the pose but here's it in the base pose.

Rhythm & Hues has been wonderful!! I've been fully hired and am now working on the upcoming title Seventh Son starring Jeff Bridges and Juliane Moore. It's based off a book called the Last Apprentice by Joseph Delany. I'm learning a lot and having tons of fun.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rhythm and Hues!!!!


So after a wonderful internship at the Foundry that ends this Friday, I now start a texturing apprenticeship at Rhythm and Hues Studios!!!!

I'm really ecstatic to be able to work within such great company and at such a great studio. I'm excited to start monday, it's going to be great. I'm thankful it all worked out too!

One thing I've always wanted to do was have a hand in the art made for a movie based on a book. I'd imagine the scenes in my mind and try to create them since I was young. Now I just might get to have that chance on an actual movie soon! They did some effects for the Hunger games, so hopefully maybe I'll get a chance to work on the second if they do effects for it too! Or any really that I've read. I've been reading quite a number of books from my commute that's an hour there and home. ;o)

I'll have some recent sketches posted soon! For now here's Rhythm and Hues page!

As always, thanks for reading! I hope news on everyone's ends is just as awesome! Keep dreaming! <3