Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beep - Beep - Scribble

Guten tag!
After battling a fever I'm now rested and able to post! Nasty little bugger it was to wake up to last weekend though.

I've been happily productive sketching some critters and technological bits trying my hand at futuristic/steampunk.  After realizing last year I did not sketch as much as I  want I've been just letting ideas flow out onto paper. I am loving the feeling and the freedom of ideas. Enjoy!

In other news my website is entirely redone and uploaded! The Art of Brittany Drew
I applied for an internship at Insomniac Games recently so I'm really, really hoping that works out! I'd be so ecstatic!

Twelve a production through the Visual Effects department of AiP is coming to a close but they need support so check them out at Twelve.
I had the fun experience of creating the storyboards and the bridge model for the final scenes.

The illustrations for Mr. Condran are quickly coming together now that I'm able to put the time into them with the other projects completed. My big debate though is whether or not I should paint them in watercolor or digital. I guess we shall see! Either way I'm excited to render them.

During working on my website I was looking for some reference and found a pretty nice blog on design. Creative Opera