Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ted the Rabbit!

Through working from other artists concepts I thought working from one of Tony DiTerlizzi's would be fun then I saw Ted and thought he was such a unique character and especially different from ones I've made prior. He's been really fun to make. I'm glad I took on the endeavor and got the result! I'm excited to make more for my updated portfolio!

Tony DiTerlizzi's Ted

Modeled in Maya - Sculpted in Zbrush - Textured in Mari - Maya Mental Ray rendering

Thanks for visiting and enjoy! Happy Creating and have a happy new year! 

Mari's patch system makes it easy to texture multiple items on a model at once, just by offsetting the UV coordinate. Back in Maya I had 6 different shaders: 
Body/Head - Jacket - Hat - Bow - Belly Button - Buttons

Some in progress shots: 
The dreaded T pose ;o)

 Base Textures


More Mari Texturing

Look development

 And posed! 
Well almost, a friend pointed out he needed more weight where he was sitting, so there's the smidgeon of a difference from this to the finals above.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hope you all have a wonderful season and a happy new year!

This marks over a full year I've been blogging! Hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I have. =)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

References Galore!

Hello everyone! I hope you're excited for the holidays and getting to enjoy them with loved ones.

I've found a few fun or useful resources of interest I thought I'd share, I suppose my present to all! ;o)

Kitty wrestling, some great movements for them, the stripey guy is my adorable kitty.

There's some awesome stuff on this blog, tons of storyboards, and Cal arts notes.
Chong Toons Blog

Owls playing with tennis balls are really adorable. I doodled these guys and they're fun hoping around. Owl Tennis

So I love owls a wee bit, but this guy is cute too, and also fun to doodle. Owl Pouncing Imaginary Prey

Last animal movement reference, a chameleon trying to back away.  Frightened Chameleon

Weird but cool taxidermy animals

Zelda is my favorite video game series, I loved this art by Sam Neilson. Old and new Link

Another Zelda piece, except this one is a book soon to be released of all of the concept art! Zelda Art Book!

If you like some Nintendo music for nostalgia here's a great YouTube channel. Nintendo Playlists

Some great tips for what to draw when illustrating books from Tony DiTerlizzi,
What to Draw

The Animation Letters Project, always great to read, enjoy!
The Animation Letters

I love dinosaurs so when I saw these it was pretty brilliant. Dinosaur Nest

Amazing brain recording, the early development of recording mental images, they hooked the participants up to scanners that would generate an image of what the eyes were seeing, to compare they would show trailers and various clips. Imagine if dreams could be recorded from it.
Reconstruction from brain activity

Happy holidays and happy creating!  =)

PS Check back Christmas Eve for a Holiday illustration + illustrations I did for family and friends.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Revamping portfolio

Hiya everyone!

Just a quick update with a piece I've been working on. Its one of the many I've been modeling to update my reel to land a modeling position, based on the advice I received from Zack Petroc. I need to finish the unwrap, sculpt more and texture it, but I'm very happy with how its coming along.

Based on a concept by Clio Chiang