Saturday, January 29, 2011

Useful links and whatnot

Running the animation club at my school the vice president and I thought it'd be fun to have an ice breaker drawing activity for the first meeting, so we had everyone write and animal object or emotion and it was drawn in pairs to get some crazy combinations, the time everyone had per was 5-10 minutes. These are the ones I doodled out. It was tons of fun and lots of silly characters appeared when you have to draw a pufferfish kick boxing kangaroo, rabid chicken elephant, philosophical platypus and tired turtle.

I'm also posting two illustration line art I did earlier this month. One was for my sister after we saw the Boondock Saints, the other was a world I thought up while waiting for a 3D animation to render.

Here's also some nifty links, and cool things to use.
City Generator for 3Ds Max

Swedish stop motion commercial

Making of the Swedish commercial

I've been studying German lately, after wanting to for some time, but I'm sad to find the site a friend told me about that was wonderful for studying is going to a subscription based service when it is user based content that's turned into study activities. It's already taught me a lot, reinforcing with the three modalities, so I'm debating whether or not to continue to use it. If you are interested it is iKnow.

Bike riding as a mode of transportation and enjoyment is something I fully support, it's wonderful to see the vast number of bikes lined in Europe as well as the bike lanes, but here it's somewhat prevalent, but wonderfully enough there is a Pittsburgh based organization who adds to the availability of bikes as well as how to take care of them.
Free Ride Pittsburgh

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