Friday, January 21, 2011

Projects galore!`

It's turing out to be a rather productive quarter, especially on the freelance front. I was asked to help with a number of outside projects from my teachers.

Mike Schwab, one of the animation teachers owns the Kensington Falls animation studio and hired me for a client based production as a background artist. It's tons of fun, and really good to do something different, since it's a very simple cartoony style. It's a secret project though so I can't post anything from it, sorry!

Another teacher, Jeffrey Condran asked me to illustrate for his (hopefully) soon to be published short story collection. A total of 9 short stories and one illustration for each. A great excuse to make something in traditional mediums again, I know I've been doing a ton of digital work and miss the fun of painting and colored pencils. Currently, I am creating the line art for them, after he approved the thumbnails.

Another, by a great old life drawing teacher who recently retired, Francis Pionati asked me to model an old fashion style pool table in 3D.

Keeping up with class and work is definitely a juggle, but one I have fun doing. Here's some recent creations.

Leitz Camera model for Digital compositing, I'm in the process of texturing it and prepping it to go into the scene.

Modular model of Pittsburgh's hot metal bridge

Concept and finished piece for our first ZBrush project to make a relief.

Possible site layout, working with different concepts, it'll definitely change from here.

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