Saturday, May 4, 2013

Recent updates - Rhythm & Hues Bankruptcy + New reel

The past few months were rather eventful, and a huge roller coaster ride.

Rhythm and Hues went into bankruptcy and had to downsize the staff considerably, going from around 500+ to 150 people.

That being said I'm sad to say I am not with the studio anymore. Near the Percy and Seventh Son's production they couldn't afford to keep the freelancers any longer. I am really grateful for my time there, working with everyone was awesome and so too was the work we did. I learned and grew so much as an artist from it as well. I miss the Rhythm and Hues family, and am sad to think it wont be the same as it was. I hope the best for all of us in the job hunt! Here's to the next thing!

 A portion of the texture paint team, there was so many of us when I began! I need to make an additional extension with everyone else I had the pleasure to work with in the texture department. =)

I'm looking for new opportunities in modeling and texture paint/surfacing. So I just finished my personal reel.

Reel: April 2013

Hopefully the visual effects model gets changed for the better and secures our artists livelyhood. Without us movies wouldnt be made as awesome as they are today! ;o)

All the best,

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