Monday, June 25, 2012

Dragon Sculpture

I've been working on this dragon as a gift for a wonderful artist friend. I'm rigging it at the moment to get the pose but here's it in the base pose.

Rhythm & Hues has been wonderful!! I've been fully hired and am now working on the upcoming title Seventh Son starring Jeff Bridges and Juliane Moore. It's based off a book called the Last Apprentice by Joseph Delany. I'm learning a lot and having tons of fun.


  1. Hey Brittany, stumbled through the internets and found your blog. Great 3d work and this dragon looks good. I know a few guys at RH and I sometimes find myself at the Drawing Club, so maybe we'll cross paths sooner than later. Cheers!

  2. Hey I just saw your comment! Thank you very much!! That would be cool to cross paths, I want to go to the drawing club more, its just a wee bit tricky coming from El Segundo! I'll go more soon! =)