Sunday, January 6, 2013

Now a full Texture Painter @ Rhythm & Hues!! (not a junior anymore) + a bunch of art

Man, it's been a bit, I was doing a post about a week until things became a bit too busy! Sorry if you were looking for updates! Here's a quick one, but substantial!

Life at Rhythm and Hues has been lots of fun, I've helped with four shows so far, Seventh Son, Percy Jackson and the Sea Monsters, a little on RIPD, and a good chunk on Category Six. It's been great to be exposed to a wide range of projects and the pieces required for them, and approaches for each asset. I'm super thankful it's been awesome!

I also have big news from R&H, I've been promoted to a Texture Painter, no more Junior painter for me!! It was wonderful news to get, along with that my contract was extended!!

A had a bit of overtime for a bit leaving not too much extra time for my own work, it's slowed down again, so back to my own after work! =)

Comic Con was tons of fun, so much art and things to see, I'll be there next year also!

 Keep creating everyone! I hope your New Year is awesome and all your dreams come true!!

Here was the final render of the dragon that I made for Todd Lockwood who I helped at his booth, my final plan is to 3D print it, but it's being rather a tricky model to get printed.... 

When I get bits of time to actually illustrate it's fun and I love it, here's a few I've done recently.

After seeing Wreck it Ralph, I saw a chain of other friends creating Sugar Rush versions of them self, so here's mine, Birdy Berry Drew! 

A very Merry Belated Christmas to all, and Happy New Year!! This was this years card. 

 The rest are sketches that I've shared on instagram and the such, but I want to share here as well.

Some are concepts for Keepers of Time, others are life drawing from the weekly lunch life drawing at Rhythm, and a few are from drawing people at the airport!

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