Sunday, July 24, 2011


I saw this off of James Gurney's blog and thought it was rather neat to see, and helpful, I know when I was working on my Frogasaur that I scrounged around for the most worthwhile references. Whenever tutoring or giving advice to people I insist to study life, observe, draw from it and look at the details. After all, it's the way to learn and what every artist I look up to has told me.

Another one of a crocodile it has a neat recording of a croc running.

On the topic of animals, I recently learned of a wonderful animal concept artist, Terryl Whitlatch. Her stuff is brilliant! She recently published a book Animals Real and Imagined, definitely when I get the chance I plan on picking it up, it looks interesting and full of detailed creature illustrations and tips.

The other release I was excited to hear was they republished Andrew Loomis's books, Andrew Loomis booklist, I could only find internet archive versions previously but no one had them for sale, so to see such a great resource re-released is exciting.

Here's a link I saw posted through Clay Kaytis of Animation Podcast on Twitter. Acting Blog Good tips for actors even if only for acting out animations!

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