Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Business cards

Finally got my cards officially printed through a nice company, Overnight Prints. I heard of them through fellow graduates at the Art Institute. I can't wait to get them and see how they turned out since I ordered rounded corners and specific glossy sections and it wasn't that expensive at all!

Different variations, the front stays the same while there's a different background images, two for illustrations and 1 more in the works for 3D work.

One step closer to being ready for Siggraph! I am officially going this year, and am ecstatic! Now just to finish up the renders for my demo reel and burn it's DVDs as well upload it to my site through my Vimeo. Stay tuned it'll be here soon!

In other news I found out I got a wonderful mention on The Foundry's Twitter feed yesterday:
The Foundry VFX - Twitter
They referred this blog when I was talking about their program Mari in a previous post, that was a very pleasant surprise. I am extremely grateful for the mention!

So that being said I finally joined Twitter, you can follow me here:  (I had to thank them for their generosity! I am really grateful for it ;o)
Brittany Drew's Twitter

Earlier this week too I updated the layout graphics and design of this page to something much more suiting and matching my website.

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