Sunday, October 30, 2011

Making wee little steps!

I hope the prior post was informative! I definitely appreciate all the help I've recieved to get to this point and feel it is important to continue supporting other upcoming artists, it is how we continue to push the boundaries of what we create as well as inspire others!

Happy Halloween weekend everyone! I got the fun chance to see Nickelodeon's Halloween party, amazing how the artists and employees there got so into creating a fun house! Gotta love how into the Halloween spirit us creatives get! Thanks to a wonderful employee there for the chance!

I also got to see a bit of the inside of Disney's Animation Studio, on a brief visit through a network I made at SIGGRAPH, I still can't thank him enough for his time and advice! It was inspiring to see there too, and great to get more of a direction on how to reach that seemingly out of reach beginning position. I hope one day to walk back into the doors.

 Gnomon had a wonderful discussion on Composition by concept artists from Blue Canvas. Then soon after another Sketch Theatre. Each of these drawings were 20 minutes each.

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