Saturday, June 4, 2011

Post Apocolyptic robot = crazy UV sprall!

Finally got my robot entirely unwrapped and packed for painting in Mari. =D

Here's the crazy UV space, there are 41 patches.

The great thing with the program is you can paint real time on the model or UV and it updates on both, it handles each shifted over UV space as it's own element/component but known as a patch in the program.

Each patch can be individually painted on without worry of altering another. Painting real time specular, specular color, bump/displacement, and many others are possible. Though I can't wait for the option to incorporate opacity maps and illumination maps as an option but they're still adding new features, only recently this past week they released 1.3v.


  1. You're really good at this, huh? :D
    I like it! Looks pretty complex though. Was the program hard for you to learn?

  2. Actually it really wasn't because it's so user friendly, I probably got the hang of it in one weekend. Still finding spiffy new things with it I hadn't known occasionally and I learned a lot of tricks from the instructor Gareth Jenson on FX PHD.