Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The past few months a small group of students have been working on a comic at AiP. It's a client based project of Antigone.
Our crew:
Director: Stephen Allen
Art Director and Script Interpreter: Nick Vincinti
Layout/Storyboards: Brittany Drew
Environments: Brittany Drew
Characters: Olivia Okobi and Max Ward
Painting: Anthony Williams and Brittany Drew
Branding: Steve Smith and Dan Porter
Cover: Alex Pinto and Olivia Okobi, as well as Anthony Williams and Steve Smith

It's a total of 36 pages and its being wrapped up now, the last few pages being painted. Now enough talk, here is some glimpses at it!

All art posted was created by me, except for the characters which were Olivia's creations. =)

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